I’m getting more and more into Pinterest and loving it.  I still don’t quite get how the images just appear, but I’m repinning like mad and coming across some great new blogs in the process.  I tripped upon this great blog, spent the last 30 minutes soaking it up and found these, which seem like the perfect answer to my can’t-stand-clutter-yet-subscribe-to-every-magazine-under-the-sun situation.   And I won’t even mention my beloved Domino issues that are carefully housed downstairs in the storage room.

Today is over 80 degrees and I’m already panicking about summer. Even though there are a couple of things that I do love about the hotter months (lighter longer, cold beer, etc), I am just so much more of a Fall/Winter person.  Especially when it comes to fashion.  That said, I do live in LA and in an effort to make myself feel better about the inevitable, I’m thinking I may need to order these.  Light, comfortable and will hopefully give me that cool, just-drank-a-Corona-with-lime internal body temperature.  Or I’ll just sit in the cold AC and enjoy them.

Thanks to my father-in-law, we are an Apple household all the way.  It started with a Mac computer, followed by a Macbook Pro, a couple of iPhones and now an iPad.  With my extreme dislike of clutter, the cord situation has kind of gotten out of control.  Enter this (again, introduced to us by my father-in-law).  I’m kind of obsessed.  And of course my husband has given the go-ahead, even though we’re on a bit of a spending lockdown.  Dare I say I’m turning into a tech geek?  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

One of the best baby gifts that we received when Oscar was born was a plastic Hot Wheels carrier stocked with cars (thank you Sachs family).  I was told that when he turned three, we’ll get serious use out of it and sure enough (two weeks after his third birthday) we are putting some serious miles on these bad boys.  A school friend had us over last week and it’s thanks to that play date that I am now inspired to use mega blocks as parking spaces and Oscar and I pretend that the cars park and then have to drive away.  Fascinating, huh?  Well get this, I stumbled upon this amazing tape that doubles as a road.  You see where I’m going, right?  This game just went from whatever to pretty awesome.  For me, at least.  I’m certain Oscar’s loving it as is.

I’ve always been into mixing high and low when it comes to wardrobe and home decor.  It not only keeps me on a budget (most important, I know) but it adds a depth and personalized effect since nothing can be too paint-by-number.  I am freaking out over these overlays that my friend sent my way (because she knows I’m obsessed with the Ikea Malm dressers for starters and I’ve never met a can of spray paint that I didn’t like).  FREAKING. OUT.  The lamp isn’t so bad, either.

When I got my iPad, I was suckered into getting the accordian-like magnetic protector for the screen (an extra $40, lame) and I think that’s part of the reason why I handle it with such kid gloves.  Now that I’ve seen this, I may have to spend the additional dough to properly protect the thing.  After all, I could use a little something more to do while waiting in the car pool line for Oscar and would like to be able to bring my iPad.  I mean, Pinterest isn’t going to pin things on its own, is it?

Oscar turns three on Thursday, and just like clock work according to the one parenting book that I may or may not have read, he seems to be dropping his nap.  Instead of freaking out about it (which, had this been happening a few months ago, would have made me lose it due to the lack of time to do anything), I am doing everything I can to embrace what seems like a long day together.  I pick him up from preschool at 12:30 and my new plan is to go straight out for a couple of afternoons instead of anxiously driving home for him to then tell me he wants to “skip it.”  So, now that he’s a big boy, and diaper changes are few and far between (don’t even get me started on how cute his big boy undies are), I may need to downsize my bag even more, and I’m thinking this could work.  Basic and timeless.  And perfect for some cheddar bunnies and my car keys.