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I’m getting more and more into Pinterest and loving it.  I still don’t quite get how the images just appear, but I’m repinning like mad and coming across some great new blogs in the process.  I tripped upon this great blog, spent the last 30 minutes soaking it up and found these, which seem like the perfect answer to my can’t-stand-clutter-yet-subscribe-to-every-magazine-under-the-sun situation.   And I won’t even mention my beloved Domino issues that are carefully housed downstairs in the storage room.


I’ve always been into mixing high and low when it comes to wardrobe and home decor.  It not only keeps me on a budget (most important, I know) but it adds a depth and personalized effect since nothing can be too paint-by-number.  I am freaking out over these overlays that my friend sent my way (because she knows I’m obsessed with the Ikea Malm dressers for starters and I’ve never met a can of spray paint that I didn’t like).  FREAKING. OUT.  The lamp isn’t so bad, either.

I’m eternally drawn to anything black and white.  For whatever reason, the contrast is perfect to me and the way that anything with this color combo serves as a funky neutral just always works.  As I’m just getting into the latest issue of Rue Magazine, this popped right out at me and the price couldn’t be more right.  The fact that it falls into the ‘organizational’ category makes me that much more giddy.  Love and love.

I spend the majority of Oscar’s nap on the computer, specifically scouring blogs and playing around on my latest obsession, Pinterest.  I tripped upon these amazing glasses while on this new-to-me blog,  and just can’t help but think how great they’d be stationed on this bar cart. Not to mention the combination of rust and red, which couldn’t be better.

Oscar is at that stage where he could potentially drop his nap at any time.  While a no-nap day used to send me into a downward spiral because the thought of no time to myself was just too much to handle, I now feel like it’ll be nice not to have to gun it home from preschool everyday to get him down by one o’clock so he doesn’t miss his ‘window’.  That said, I very much love the fact that he still loves sleeping in his crib (because the thought of a big boy bed 100% sends me into a spiral of panic) and still takes a much-needed nap most of the time. But when things change, I envision this blanket on his bed for him to curl up in while he’s in his room for quiet time.  That’s right, quiet time.

Beach days have become a huge hit in our house.  We pack up the “outside” set of excavators, dump trucks, loaders, etc, grab the umbrella, pack food, and head to the sand for a few hours.  Oscar is in heaven and happy to play with his trucks for what seems like days (because as anyone with a two year old knows, life is in 10 minute increments) and we can just sit there and take in the calm.  I’ve tried on many an occasion to snap the perfect pic, and while I’ve managed to get a couple of good ones, my friend seems to have mastered the art of the Hipstamatic and has now made her shots available to others. I’m a sucker for anything with an umbrella (as seen here) so I’ll be getting a copy of this one to bring the beach home with me, so to speak.

One of the things that has surprised me the most about becoming a mom is my need to hit a pumpkin patch come this time of year.  I’ve never been that into Halloween and don’t decorate our house, etc. but now that we have Oscar to take 347 pictures of while at the pumpkin patch, I can’t wait to get there.  We don’t even buy pumpkins, we literally let him run around and snap as many pictures as possible and then leave.  Having just seen this though (see my obsession with silhouettes here), my whole we-don’t-need-to-buy-a-pumpkin thing has just changed. We’ll be on our way to Mr. Bones this weekend, and we’ll be getting a white pumpkin to paint. Carving is overrated, who needs to eat the roasted seeds anyway.