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One of the best baby gifts that we received when Oscar was born was a plastic Hot Wheels carrier stocked with cars (thank you Sachs family).  I was told that when he turned three, we’ll get serious use out of it and sure enough (two weeks after his third birthday) we are putting some serious miles on these bad boys.  A school friend had us over last week and it’s thanks to that play date that I am now inspired to use mega blocks as parking spaces and Oscar and I pretend that the cars park and then have to drive away.  Fascinating, huh?  Well get this, I stumbled upon this amazing tape that doubles as a road.  You see where I’m going, right?  This game just went from whatever to pretty awesome.  For me, at least.  I’m certain Oscar’s loving it as is.


Oscar turns three on Thursday, and just like clock work according to the one parenting book that I may or may not have read, he seems to be dropping his nap.  Instead of freaking out about it (which, had this been happening a few months ago, would have made me lose it due to the lack of time to do anything), I am doing everything I can to embrace what seems like a long day together.  I pick him up from preschool at 12:30 and my new plan is to go straight out for a couple of afternoons instead of anxiously driving home for him to then tell me he wants to “skip it.”  So, now that he’s a big boy, and diaper changes are few and far between (don’t even get me started on how cute his big boy undies are), I may need to downsize my bag even more, and I’m thinking this could work.  Basic and timeless.  And perfect for some cheddar bunnies and my car keys.

I’m eternally drawn to anything black and white.  For whatever reason, the contrast is perfect to me and the way that anything with this color combo serves as a funky neutral just always works.  As I’m just getting into the latest issue of Rue Magazine, this popped right out at me and the price couldn’t be more right.  The fact that it falls into the ‘organizational’ category makes me that much more giddy.  Love and love.

Oscar is at that stage where he could potentially drop his nap at any time.  While a no-nap day used to send me into a downward spiral because the thought of no time to myself was just too much to handle, I now feel like it’ll be nice not to have to gun it home from preschool everyday to get him down by one o’clock so he doesn’t miss his ‘window’.  That said, I very much love the fact that he still loves sleeping in his crib (because the thought of a big boy bed 100% sends me into a spiral of panic) and still takes a much-needed nap most of the time. But when things change, I envision this blanket on his bed for him to curl up in while he’s in his room for quiet time.  That’s right, quiet time.

August was a crazy month, both good and bad, but all said, I’m happy it’s over.  Moving forward, we’ve got a lot to look forward to – my mom’s visit next week, Fall weather and Oscar starting preschool.  As ready as he and I both are, I’m anxious about it.  So in an effort to further wrap my head around the next little chapter of his life, I stumbled upon this necklace while on Design Crush and kept going back to it.  I like it for a few reasons – it’s neon undertones, the way it perfectly accents a neutral tee and because it reminds me of what Oscar will probably whip up himself while arts-and-crafting at school.

One of Oscar’s favorites things to do by himself is read.  And by read, I mean recite the books that we’ve read to him over and over since he was a baby.  A current favorite is his dinosaur book.  I love that the things he’s into keep changing and books and toys that have gone untouched are now favorites, dinosaurs being a current hot topic.  We have one toy dinosaur (that was my husband’s as a child) but these cool cardboard dinos may have to enter the scene as well.  Pretty fitting that I discovered them on a blog about cool moms, no?

Oscar starts preschool in September and although I think he’s totally ready for a few hours a day with his pals, I’m not sure that I am. Cognitively, I know I’ll immediately love having a few hours to myself, but the build up is giving me premature separation anxiety. That said, I’m making the most of the fact that my baby is starting school and using retail therapy as a way to cope. I’m on the hunt for his lunch box – you know, one that screams cool without trying too hard.  For some reason, I’m oddly indecisive about it but I think I’ve made up my mind – classic camo with a bright orange monogram.  But then there’s the British flag variation (for sure trying too hard, especially since we’re not British).  At the end of the day, I know it’s really all about what’s in the lunch box that counts (do they start trading food this early on?).  Separation anxiety, shmeparation anxiety.