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I’m getting more and more into Pinterest and loving it.  I still don’t quite get how the images just appear, but I’m repinning like mad and coming across some great new blogs in the process.  I tripped upon this great blog, spent the last 30 minutes soaking it up and found these, which seem like the perfect answer to my can’t-stand-clutter-yet-subscribe-to-every-magazine-under-the-sun situation.   And I won’t even mention my beloved Domino issues that are carefully housed downstairs in the storage room.


Thanks to my father-in-law, we are an Apple household all the way.  It started with a Mac computer, followed by a Macbook Pro, a couple of iPhones and now an iPad.  With my extreme dislike of clutter, the cord situation has kind of gotten out of control.  Enter this (again, introduced to us by my father-in-law).  I’m kind of obsessed.  And of course my husband has given the go-ahead, even though we’re on a bit of a spending lockdown.  Dare I say I’m turning into a tech geek?  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I’m eternally drawn to anything black and white.  For whatever reason, the contrast is perfect to me and the way that anything with this color combo serves as a funky neutral just always works.  As I’m just getting into the latest issue of Rue Magazine, this popped right out at me and the price couldn’t be more right.  The fact that it falls into the ‘organizational’ category makes me that much more giddy.  Love and love.

I spend the majority of Oscar’s nap on the computer, specifically scouring blogs and playing around on my latest obsession, Pinterest.  I tripped upon these amazing glasses while on this new-to-me blog,  and just can’t help but think how great they’d be stationed on this bar cart. Not to mention the combination of rust and red, which couldn’t be better.

Every now and then I get inspired to make something and after seeing these dipped baskets on a favorite blog, I’m amped to try them this minute. And since my sister is in town, running errands with Oscar is that much easier so it’s off to Ikea and Home Depot we go…


With all of the newborns emerging (or about to) within my circle of friends, I stumbled upon one of the best blogs I’ve seen in a long time. When it comes time to thinking about a baby nursery, my go-to for inspiration will for sure be Lay Baby Lay. Chock full of color and furniture ideas that are right up my alley, I can spend an entire nap time pouring through it.  One of my favorites – a bright Eames rocking chair against a contrasting brightly colored wall.  So good, right?

We’ve been working really hard at encouraging Oscar not to throw things when he’s frustrated.  He’s usually pretty good, but every now and then he’ll pick up whatever is in his range and huck it across the room.  While it’s usually a block or some other small toy, these plastic wine glasses that my friend Abby gave me for my birthday are clutch in case he goes for a glass. Because it’s when things are getting to that point that mama needs a glass of wine.