Oscar turns three on Thursday, and just like clock work according to the one parenting book that I may or may not have read, he seems to be dropping his nap.  Instead of freaking out about it (which, had this been happening a few months ago, would have made me lose it due to the lack of time to do anything), I am doing everything I can to embrace what seems like a long day together.  I pick him up from preschool at 12:30 and my new plan is to go straight out for a couple of afternoons instead of anxiously driving home for him to then tell me he wants to “skip it.”  So, now that he’s a big boy, and diaper changes are few and far between (don’t even get me started on how cute his big boy undies are), I may need to downsize my bag even more, and I’m thinking this could work.  Basic and timeless.  And perfect for some cheddar bunnies and my car keys.