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Today is over 80 degrees and I’m already panicking about summer. Even though there are a couple of things that I do love about the hotter months (lighter longer, cold beer, etc), I am just so much more of a Fall/Winter person.  Especially when it comes to fashion.  That said, I do live in LA and in an effort to make myself feel better about the inevitable, I’m thinking I may need to order these.  Light, comfortable and will hopefully give me that cool, just-drank-a-Corona-with-lime internal body temperature.  Or I’ll just sit in the cold AC and enjoy them.


Knitting has been on my list of things to conquer for as long as I can remember (right up there with sewing if you’re looking to categorize) and having just tripped upon this site and seen these mittens, I may have to, again, make it a New Year’s resolution.  If nothing else, it’ll take the pressure off of adding working out to my list, but in all seriousness, can you believe these gloves? Too good.  And with last night’s insane wind storm, I’m clearly going to have to take matters into my own hands to keep warm.

My partner and I just finished day one in a new client’s closet.  The first meeting is always great because it’s like we’re starting from scratch. We assess everything and edit and usually shop and go back to style a few days later.  On our list of pieces that would perfectly round out today’s wardrobe is a chunky sweater (just be careful not to get one that is too big, should be chunky but not huge) to be worn with fitted trousers and a heel to the office or skinny jeans/leather leggings and a ballet flat on the weekends.  Our pick, this knit. Although I don’t own it yet, it already makes me feel cozy inside.

Summer is officially here and while that brings high temperatures that I’m not a fan of, it also brings summer wardrobes out in full force. Oscar’s uniform these days consists of light, cotton t-shirts, shorts and his Native shoes but I’m noticing that the little girls around town are all rocking Salt Water sandals.  Unisex in theory, I don’t think they’re very Oscar, but for me, um, yes please.  And the fact that the adult sizes are a few bucks more than the kids only adds to the allure.  These may be the answer to a replacement for my beloved black gladiators that are on their last leg.

I’m not sure what to be more freaked out about – the fact that we’ve been married for five years already (today) or the fact that it’s my birthday – again! Regardless, time is flying, both are big reasons to celebrate and since I’ve wanted these boots for as long as I can remember, I ordered them today to get the party started!  I’ve already paired them with several things in my closet (year round pieces, mind you) and am leaving it up to FedEx to get them here on Monday, just in time to throw them on for dinner with the girls!

We’re headed to Denver tomorrow for my niece’s Bat Mitzvah.  Aside from the significance of the actual event itself (and the fact that I feel super old because she’s already 12), there’s the also extremely important after-party which will be in the form of a pool party.  A couple of things come to mind – wardrobe change (fun) and caftan (ultimate pool party attire).  And because I am obsessed with Missoni (as mentioned here), I was immediately drawn to this.  I already have a little sundress that fits the bill, so I’ll just hope that the upcoming Missoni/Target collaboration spits out something similar. Back to packing.

I’m typically a total homebody.  It’s not that I don’t love a good night out, which I absolutely do, but I love staying home, too.  The only time this changes is when I don’t feel well and then it seems like all I can do is think about feeling better enough to go out (I know, we all want what we can’t have).  I came back from my girl’s weekend with bronchitis (for the second time in six weeks – wtf?) and am having a good ‘ole time feeling sorry for myself and wishing my head was clear enough for a night out. And while I’m fantasizing about that said night out, this is the clutch I would be carrying.  Add high-waisted jeans, some platforms and a heather grey t-shirt while you’re at it.