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I’ve always been into mixing high and low when it comes to wardrobe and home decor.  It not only keeps me on a budget (most important, I know) but it adds a depth and personalized effect since nothing can be too paint-by-number.  I am freaking out over these overlays that my friend sent my way (because she knows I’m obsessed with the Ikea Malm dressers for starters and I’ve never met a can of spray paint that I didn’t like).  FREAKING. OUT.  The lamp isn’t so bad, either.


I’ve always been a fan of cowhide rugs (make that zebra or any other hide, too) and finally caved when it came time to get Oscar’s room ready for his arrival (we got ours at IKEA). Cowhides are like jeans, they go with just about anything (leather furniture, modern furniture, vintage furniture, you get the idea) and are appropriate just about anywhere (baby nursery, dining room, study, living room, bedroom, etc).  Here’s Oscar’s room, and a few other inspirational hides that have me thinking about other places in our house.  After all, one can never have too many pairs of jeans.

Oscar pulled himself up today so it looks like he’ll be doing more standing than sitting on his cowhide soon.

Patchwork cowhide beneath dining room table

above images via desire to inspire.

image via habitually chic