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One of the best baby gifts that we received when Oscar was born was a plastic Hot Wheels carrier stocked with cars (thank you Sachs family).  I was told that when he turned three, we’ll get serious use out of it and sure enough (two weeks after his third birthday) we are putting some serious miles on these bad boys.  A school friend had us over last week and it’s thanks to that play date that I am now inspired to use mega blocks as parking spaces and Oscar and I pretend that the cars park and then have to drive away.  Fascinating, huh?  Well get this, I stumbled upon this amazing tape that doubles as a road.  You see where I’m going, right?  This game just went from whatever to pretty awesome.  For me, at least.  I’m certain Oscar’s loving it as is.


I’m eternally drawn to anything black and white.  For whatever reason, the contrast is perfect to me and the way that anything with this color combo serves as a funky neutral just always works.  As I’m just getting into the latest issue of Rue Magazine, this popped right out at me and the price couldn’t be more right.  The fact that it falls into the ‘organizational’ category makes me that much more giddy.  Love and love.

One of Oscar’s favorites things to do by himself is read.  And by read, I mean recite the books that we’ve read to him over and over since he was a baby.  A current favorite is his dinosaur book.  I love that the things he’s into keep changing and books and toys that have gone untouched are now favorites, dinosaurs being a current hot topic.  We have one toy dinosaur (that was my husband’s as a child) but these cool cardboard dinos may have to enter the scene as well.  Pretty fitting that I discovered them on a blog about cool moms, no?

There seems to be a bit of a baby boom these days and although the last couple of people we know have had boys, it’s always fun to peruse the girl’s stuff.  This block set is the ultimate in California cool – it makes me want to transport myself to the boardwalk circa 1974.  That said, the price tag back in the day would be way more appropriate than it is now, no?

I think it’s safe to say that I live for Oscar’s nap time.  It’s the only time during his waking hours that I can get anything done although these days my obsession with Friday Night Lights has trumped doing anything at all.  I’ve never let myself watch TV during the day because there really is too much to do (like taking a shower, for instance).  That was until several people told us we’d love the show (Jed was watching with me until he started studying for the Colorado Bar Exam – now I just give him a quick recap).  Needless to say, I try to exhaust Oscar each morning so he takes a killer nap.  We met a few friends at The Coop today and the kids partied pretty hard (Oscar spent a pretty good chunk of time hopping around on the Rody).  Good thing because Landry just confessed to the murder and I’m dying to see what happens.

I have now taken Oscar to the doctor twice in the last few weeks convinced that he either has a raging ear infection or some sort of other keeps-you-up-all-night virus that I’ve never heard of.  Thankfully, neither is the case but I’m not sure what would be worse – one of the above or two molars coming in at once.  One has already cut through and there are apparently two on the way.  Sweet.  Aside from Motrin/Tylenol rotations and Camilia all day long, I may have to order one of these (amazing looking) rattles.  I mean, who says only infants can gum on these bad boys.  Although the thought of Oscar sticking this far enough back to be effective scares me a bit.  Maybe I’ll just file them in my mental infant-gifts file. That, and take a nap.  My eyes are beginning to look like the ones on this ladybug version.

December was crazy with three trips and a bout of stomach flu (which really only lasted for 24 hours but took me three days to recover from) so if I have any resolutions at all, it’s to blog more.  I love the feedback from everyone, yes, but it makes me feel good to do it.  It sort of drives me crazy when people use January as the time to be a better person, workout more, eat better, etc because these are things that should be done all year.  But there is something to be said for starting fresh.  So thanks for sticking with me during my blackout month of no blogging.  And I can happily say that my first purchase of 2011 will be three or four of these canvas hampers to clear the clutter of toys that has become our house.  I know, cleaning up in the new year is so cliché.  But that, too, feels good.  Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year.