I know my last couple of blog entries have been rants about how tired I am, but I do feel like I am just slogging through the motions these days. Oscar has decided to call for me around the 2am hour lately (as if we don’t spend enough time together) and my contacts feel a bit like shards of glass.  So, a few things come to mind: thank god we decided to wait for more like a three-year gap between kids, thank god Jed is taking the bar exam this week and will be present again starting Thursday night (promptly at 6pm sharp for bath time) and thank god these chic glasses from Madewell are so reasonably priced.  I know that if I end up getting them, they’ll only be ready by the time I’ve had a few weekends to sleep in a bit now that Jed will be around but I can’t help but think how chic they’ll look as an alternative to the contacts that I have lived in since junior high.