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Thanks to my father-in-law, we are an Apple household all the way.  It started with a Mac computer, followed by a Macbook Pro, a couple of iPhones and now an iPad.  With my extreme dislike of clutter, the cord situation has kind of gotten out of control.  Enter this (again, introduced to us by my father-in-law).  I’m kind of obsessed.  And of course my husband has given the go-ahead, even though we’re on a bit of a spending lockdown.  Dare I say I’m turning into a tech geek?  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


When I got my iPad, I was suckered into getting the accordian-like magnetic protector for the screen (an extra $40, lame) and I think that’s part of the reason why I handle it with such kid gloves.  Now that I’ve seen this, I may have to spend the additional dough to properly protect the thing.  After all, I could use a little something more to do while waiting in the car pool line for Oscar and would like to be able to bring my iPad.  I mean, Pinterest isn’t going to pin things on its own, is it?

Oscar turns three on Thursday, and just like clock work according to the one parenting book that I may or may not have read, he seems to be dropping his nap.  Instead of freaking out about it (which, had this been happening a few months ago, would have made me lose it due to the lack of time to do anything), I am doing everything I can to embrace what seems like a long day together.  I pick him up from preschool at 12:30 and my new plan is to go straight out for a couple of afternoons instead of anxiously driving home for him to then tell me he wants to “skip it.”  So, now that he’s a big boy, and diaper changes are few and far between (don’t even get me started on how cute his big boy undies are), I may need to downsize my bag even more, and I’m thinking this could work.  Basic and timeless.  And perfect for some cheddar bunnies and my car keys.

I have always been the type of glasses-wearer that doesn’t leave my house in my specs.  I’m basically blind without contacts and to me, glasses were just a means of getting from the bathroom to my bed at night.  That has totally changed now that I am sporting my new glasses – as a matter of fact, I’ve worn them out, all day, at least a few times since I got them.  My husband also got a great pair because at $95 a pop, why the hell not. (I never did end up getting these, and now I’m glad I didn’t!)

Knitting has been on my list of things to conquer for as long as I can remember (right up there with sewing if you’re looking to categorize) and having just tripped upon this site and seen these mittens, I may have to, again, make it a New Year’s resolution.  If nothing else, it’ll take the pressure off of adding working out to my list, but in all seriousness, can you believe these gloves? Too good.  And with last night’s insane wind storm, I’m clearly going to have to take matters into my own hands to keep warm.

Leave it to the guys behind Proenza Schouler to create the baddest iPad case around (and to Because I’m Addicted for blogging about it). The fact that it’s the same price, if not more, than, um, an iPad itself is a whole ‘nother story (although it could perfectly double as a clutch). Ugh, if only Missoni for Target would’ve made a mini-me version to the neoprene laptop case I got my hands on…

I’ve been saying that I’m going to learn how to sew for years.  For whatever reason, I’m completely overwhelmed by the thought of it and the Singer sewing machine that I was given eight years ago continues to collect dust in the garage.  That said, I still have an itch every now and then to make something and my latest quest is in the form of friendship bracelets.  I actually think that I remember how to make them, and these amazing incarnations have inspired me to add rhinestones and such.  Who needs to sew, right?