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I’ve always been into mixing high and low when it comes to wardrobe and home decor.  It not only keeps me on a budget (most important, I know) but it adds a depth and personalized effect since nothing can be too paint-by-number.  I am freaking out over these overlays that my friend sent my way (because she knows I’m obsessed with the Ikea Malm dressers for starters and I’ve never met a can of spray paint that I didn’t like).  FREAKING. OUT.  The lamp isn’t so bad, either.


Knitting has been on my list of things to conquer for as long as I can remember (right up there with sewing if you’re looking to categorize) and having just tripped upon this site and seen these mittens, I may have to, again, make it a New Year’s resolution.  If nothing else, it’ll take the pressure off of adding working out to my list, but in all seriousness, can you believe these gloves? Too good.  And with last night’s insane wind storm, I’m clearly going to have to take matters into my own hands to keep warm.

One of the things that has surprised me the most about becoming a mom is my need to hit a pumpkin patch come this time of year.  I’ve never been that into Halloween and don’t decorate our house, etc. but now that we have Oscar to take 347 pictures of while at the pumpkin patch, I can’t wait to get there.  We don’t even buy pumpkins, we literally let him run around and snap as many pictures as possible and then leave.  Having just seen this though (see my obsession with silhouettes here), my whole we-don’t-need-to-buy-a-pumpkin thing has just changed. We’ll be on our way to Mr. Bones this weekend, and we’ll be getting a white pumpkin to paint. Carving is overrated, who needs to eat the roasted seeds anyway.

August was a crazy month, both good and bad, but all said, I’m happy it’s over.  Moving forward, we’ve got a lot to look forward to – my mom’s visit next week, Fall weather and Oscar starting preschool.  As ready as he and I both are, I’m anxious about it.  So in an effort to further wrap my head around the next little chapter of his life, I stumbled upon this necklace while on Design Crush and kept going back to it.  I like it for a few reasons – it’s neon undertones, the way it perfectly accents a neutral tee and because it reminds me of what Oscar will probably whip up himself while arts-and-crafting at school.

Every now and then I get inspired to make something and after seeing these dipped baskets on a favorite blog, I’m amped to try them this minute. And since my sister is in town, running errands with Oscar is that much easier so it’s off to Ikea and Home Depot we go…


I’ve been saying that I’m going to learn how to sew for years.  For whatever reason, I’m completely overwhelmed by the thought of it and the Singer sewing machine that I was given eight years ago continues to collect dust in the garage.  That said, I still have an itch every now and then to make something and my latest quest is in the form of friendship bracelets.  I actually think that I remember how to make them, and these amazing incarnations have inspired me to add rhinestones and such.  Who needs to sew, right?

I’ve got my last freelance day booked this Saturday at the Teen Vogue Haute Spot and have loved my days with them for so many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that on my way to and from the car each day, I’ve stopped in to all of my go-to shops and ignited a mild obsession with fun accessories in an effort to look the part when I show up to style for the magazine. So, on a dash into H&M (a constant favorite), I picked up a rope belt and am currently making it into a necklace (until I cave and get one of these bracelets).  Because since I saw these insanely perfect bracelets in the latest issue of Lonny, I’ve had rope on my brain. Big time. The designer lives in a neighboring ‘hood so I may just have to swing by and see her next time I’ve got an hour to myself.