I’m eternally drawn to anything black and white.  For whatever reason, the contrast is perfect to me and the way that anything with this color combo serves as a funky neutral just always works.  As I’m just getting into the latest issue of Rue Magazine, this popped right out at me and the price couldn’t be more right.  The fact that it falls into the ‘organizational’ category makes me that much more giddy.  Love and love.


I spend the majority of Oscar’s nap on the computer, specifically scouring blogs and playing around on my latest obsession, Pinterest.  I tripped upon these amazing glasses while on this new-to-me blog,  and just can’t help but think how great they’d be stationed on this bar cart. Not to mention the combination of rust and red, which couldn’t be better.

I have always been the type of glasses-wearer that doesn’t leave my house in my specs.  I’m basically blind without contacts and to me, glasses were just a means of getting from the bathroom to my bed at night.  That has totally changed now that I am sporting my new glasses – as a matter of fact, I’ve worn them out, all day, at least a few times since I got them.  My husband also got a great pair because at $95 a pop, why the hell not. (I never did end up getting these, and now I’m glad I didn’t!)

This bag makes me laugh because it takes me right back to my days in NYC when I had a book club and never once read the book but instead drank boatloads of wine and chatted for hours about everything but the “book.”  Seriously fun times, appropriately summed up in one great little tote (found while reading the latest RUE) and perfectly suited for that White Elephant party you’re headed to this holiday season!

Knitting has been on my list of things to conquer for as long as I can remember (right up there with sewing if you’re looking to categorize) and having just tripped upon this site and seen these mittens, I may have to, again, make it a New Year’s resolution.  If nothing else, it’ll take the pressure off of adding working out to my list, but in all seriousness, can you believe these gloves? Too good.  And with last night’s insane wind storm, I’m clearly going to have to take matters into my own hands to keep warm.

Oscar is at that stage where he could potentially drop his nap at any time.  While a no-nap day used to send me into a downward spiral because the thought of no time to myself was just too much to handle, I now feel like it’ll be nice not to have to gun it home from preschool everyday to get him down by one o’clock so he doesn’t miss his ‘window’.  That said, I very much love the fact that he still loves sleeping in his crib (because the thought of a big boy bed 100% sends me into a spiral of panic) and still takes a much-needed nap most of the time. But when things change, I envision this blanket on his bed for him to curl up in while he’s in his room for quiet time.  That’s right, quiet time.

My partner and I just finished day one in a new client’s closet.  The first meeting is always great because it’s like we’re starting from scratch. We assess everything and edit and usually shop and go back to style a few days later.  On our list of pieces that would perfectly round out today’s wardrobe is a chunky sweater (just be careful not to get one that is too big, should be chunky but not huge) to be worn with fitted trousers and a heel to the office or skinny jeans/leather leggings and a ballet flat on the weekends.  Our pick, this knit. Although I don’t own it yet, it already makes me feel cozy inside.