I’ve been looking forward to March since December, when Jed started studying for the Colorado Bar.  He’s now finished with the exam, we’ve got our babysitter lined up for a couple of nights out, my mom’s coming to town for a week, Oscar’s having his 2nd birthday party, I have a couple of freelance magazine jobs booked, am doing a few closet jobs and we’re capping off the month with a night to ourselves in Palm Springs.  All reasons to bust out my highest heels (birthday party excluded, of course) and wear them with the new grey ribbed knee socks I just picked up at Target (because the four pairs I already have aren’t enough).  I’m obsessed with all things Jenna Lyons and have been into this current trend of sock-under-open-toe heels for years.  Now, if only Target secretly stocked these insane sandals that I just saw on my daily dose of a favorite blog. Let’s not push it, right?