I have now taken Oscar to the doctor twice in the last few weeks convinced that he either has a raging ear infection or some sort of other keeps-you-up-all-night virus that I’ve never heard of.  Thankfully, neither is the case but I’m not sure what would be worse – one of the above or two molars coming in at once.  One has already cut through and there are apparently two on the way.  Sweet.  Aside from Motrin/Tylenol rotations and Camilia all day long, I may have to order one of these (amazing looking) rattles.  I mean, who says only infants can gum on these bad boys.  Although the thought of Oscar sticking this far enough back to be effective scares me a bit.  Maybe I’ll just file them in my mental infant-gifts file. That, and take a nap.  My eyes are beginning to look like the ones on this ladybug version.