My wardrobe seems to be a constant rotation of various jeans with the occasional pair of chinos weaved in here and there (cut-offs in both versions when it’s super hot outside) and a comfortable, machine-washable top – usually some sort of       t-shirt or blouse.  I often look to accessories to spice up what I’m wearing and add my personal touch.  When Oscar was born, I took a few gold pieces that I had in my jewelry box to be melted down and made into two rings that I now wear pretty much every day.  One is a large signet ring with Oscar’s initials engraved on it and the other is a large spike ring (like the earrings I live in, unless I’m wearing the huge spike ring, of course, in which case I wear hoops)  that adds just the right amount of edge to anything. Between the two, I’m set on rings but this amazing find (both the design and the price) is one I could easily make room for in my life. Fabulous, isn’t it?