A friend recently gave me a few Mayron’s Goods baby products and I can’t get enough of the Chapstuff.  I know it was meant for Oscar, but what’s his is mine, right?  Plus, this stuff is so multi-purpose that we can actually both benefit from it.  I use it on my lips throughout the day and have even put it on my heels when a new pair of shoes was rubbing (in place of my beloved blister block).  I happen to carry an enormous diaper bag but the travel size packets of diaper cream are a genius idea for those of you who like to travel light.  And because this stuff is natural and organic, I’d probably use it on Oscar’s skin despite his eczema.  In the meantime, you all have the opportunity to try it out for yourselves (and your babies). Mayron’s  Goods is offering a Chapstuff and a pack of travel size packets of diaper cream to five of my readers.  All you have to do is leave a comment here or email me at denimtodiapers at gmail dot com between now and next Friday, September 24th.  Because nobody likes chapped lips or a diaper rash.