I’m a big fan of the designer collaborations that Target does throughout the year (as mentioned here and here) so it’s no surprise that my calendar has been marked for months for the arrival of Tucker for Target.  Determined not to repeat the mistake I made in pursuit of the Cynthia Vincent shoes that sold out online by 9am (NY is three hours ahead of LA, duh) I went to bed last night with my laptop.  I ordered a couple of things as soon as I woke up this morning and then couldn’t resist a family trip to Target at 9am where I picked up a few more.  I explained to Jed that at $30 or so a pop I could buy four and still spend only half of what one of the “authentic” Tucker blouses would retail for at Barneys.  I’m thrilled with what I got and although I turned down an invitation to go with a friend to a VMA after-party tonight, I may just have to put on one of my new tops to sit on the couch and watch them on tivo.  And because they’re 100% polyester, it won’t even wrinkle.