We’re back from Tahoe and need a vacation from our vacation!  Traveling with a 17 month old is far from relaxing albeit a lot of fun.  Oscar was in heaven with all of the people around and didn’t sit still for more than two minutes unless he was asleep.  That said, I was often reminded of the luxuries of home (high chair, changing table, crib, etc) when it was time to feed him on the go, change him in the back of the car or put him down to sleep in a pack ‘n play (all of which he handled like a champ, mind you).  In the vein of furniture, I think it’s time to invest in a kid’s table and chairs.  I love this one, and laugh every time I look at the image of the little girl quietly having a tea party.  If only Oscar played so gingerly (although, in Oscar’s defense, she does look at least a year older than he is).  I can, however; imagine the finger painting and snacking that will soon go on at his new table (and the mess that will go along with it). Which is why we’ll probably end up with something from IKEA.