I almost burned down the house this weekend (ok, maybe not, thank god, but the smoke detector was seconds from going off) after I heated some olive oil in a pan to make caramelized onions and then forgot about it. In my defense, I was in the midst of friends arriving, dealing with dogs, and Oscar trying to walk, among other things. Luckily my husband found the oil burning and took it off the stove and after finding me in the front yard chatting away asked what had exploded in our kitchen.  I can’t stand when things are ruined – a stain on a shirt immediately deems it unwearable; a pot with burnt food on it makes me want to throw it away and get a new one.  Needless to say, I was seriously bummed to find our 12″ silver frying pan seared black. No soap would touch the damage so I used My Barkeepers Friend, which has been under the sink and only used a few times for small splatter jobs.  With some serious elbow grease, the pan is almost back to normal (I was also given the tip to let white vinegar soak in the pan which I did in between scrubs).  I guess the remaining black burnt marks are a sign that I am a serious chef.  Yah, right. Forget about the being the barkeeper’s friend, this stuff is now officially my friend.