I’ve always loved the look of oxfords – leather, two-toned, with a fringe, you name it – and gravitate to them more often than not when shopping (usually while online).   Still, I’ve never owned a pair.  I rarely (read: never) take Oscar shopping because it’s not fun for either of us – he hates being strapped in the stroller for too long and I’m always rushing to get him somewhere way more conducive to playing than the store we’re in – so, when my mom was here this past week, we left Oscar behind and hit the shops for a couple of hours.  On our way to H&M, we stopped in our tracks at Steve Madden to spin the “mystery wheel” (a la The Price is Right) they had conveniently set-up at the door.  My mom’s spin landed on 40% off and inside we went.  I went straight to the oxfords, of course, and after trying on a leather pair, I noticed this canvas pair (worn laced up).  They are the perfect addition to my shoe wardrobe, a great alternative to my staple moccasins and at 40% off, a no-brainer.  I like to think of them as a chic cousin of the ever-so-comfortable TOMS – same material, different silhouette.