Every now and then I eat something that is literally so good I wake up thinking about it.  I had pretty much forgotten about the caramel copetta (which had this effect on me) at Pizzeria Mozza until this past weekend.  It’s ice cream, caramel, marshmallow and spanish peanuts – basically the perfect combination of cold, warm, sweet and salty.   Being that Memorial Day weekend was a glutenous display of summer-kickoff-eating-madness, I thought of this scrumptious dessert when our friends asked what they could bring for dinner last Saturday night. Turns out I was the only one who ate the vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce AND spanish peanuts (everyone else just did ice cream and caramel sauce), and although we didn’t use the marshmallow, it was close enough and took me right back.  And, yes, now I can’t stop thinking about when I’ll have it again.  Next time I may just have to use the left over marshmallow fluff from when I made whoopie pies.  Good thing I rediscovered such a decadent treat right around the same time I have to wear a bathing suit for Oscar’s swimming lessons that started yesterday. I guess I’ll just have to fire up the slow cooker and make vegetable soup to off-set the damage.