Oscar’s latest favorite way to spend time is to stand at the open door of the fridge and take everything within his reach off of the shelves. Not so fun for us, but a blast, I’m sure, for him.  We do everything we can not to open it when he’s in the kitchen (just because we’re guaranteed at least a 15 minute fridge “play” session if we do) but at the immediate sound of the door opening, he puts his head down with bull-like determination and speed-crawls straight over.  We may just have to get him this super cool fridge of his own (that I saw when I popped in to one of my favorite local boutiques, Yolk). Although, who am I kidding, why would he want to mess around with a play fridge when he has the real deal. Besides, the last thing we need is one more over-sized children’s toy in our house.  For now, I’ll store it in the mental play room file that I’ve started.