While I do really believe that some things are better left for the pros (like an initial eyebrow shape), I was convinced by a hairstylist to the stars a while back that I could color my hair on my own, for under $6.  Now, let me just preface this with the fact that I do not highlight my hair (being a dark brunette, it just never looked right and I found myself back in the salon the couple of times I did highlight to have them removed – colossal waste of everyone’s time and money for sure) and the only reason I color it is to cover the gray patch that I’ve had since I was 15.  I have always used vegetable dye (which is less damaging and adds an unbelievable shine to your mane) because it’s an all-over color, it doesn’t contain peroxide, and I was convinced that I had the at-home skills to do it myself.  So I went with his suggestion, shelled out the $6 (which is basically less than the parking would cost at a salon) and did it.  I gotta say, it always looks fab and really is so easy.  The biggest obstacle is keeping Oscar away from me for the 20 minutes it takes for the color to set.  So, inspired by Alexa Chung’s amazing ombre hair (and just about everything else she does – love her), I am feeling a little adventurous and will be picking up the Water Works dye in a lighter brown to gradually “blend” in to my ends this weekend.  Come to think of it, I’ll be taking this picture of her to the hair salon for my next cut (obviously I’ll leave that to the pros).  Wish me luck.  Good news is, for another $6, I can always fix any mess I make.