One of Oscar’s favorite things to do is go out for lunch.  He loves to be right in the middle of the action (just like his mama), making faces at everyone he locks eyes with while devouring his avocado, chicken, fruit and whatever else is within five inches of him. We bought a Phil and Ted’s Me Too chair (at the suggestion of another mommy friend who has one) when we traveled home to Denver a few months ago because all of Oscar’s cousins have out grown their high chairs and he needed a place to sit and eat.  I forgot all about it until we were out for lunch today and was quickly reminded how fabulous it is.  It weighs less than a container of Organic Puffs, cleans up with one solid wipe or two and fits on just about any table.  Now there’s something to add to your diaper bag if you haven’t done so already. Table for two, please.