I shopped with a client for a few hours yesterday which is great on so many levels.  I’m fortunate that I get paid to do what I love – and it gets me into the shops where I am surrounded by inspiration.  The collaboration of today’s muse is old news but inspiring to me nonetheless.  I have a boy so I’ve not bothered to set foot into The Gap to check out the Stella McCartney line –  I just can’t see myself putting Oscar in a sweater with an anchor on it – however amazing it is, it’s just not his style.  (Trust me.  I’m his stylist).  I also can’t warrant spending what I thought the duds would be going for so I simply stayed away and figured that was best for all parties involved.  Well, forget that.  On my way back to my car yesterday, I spotted a little girl wearing the eyelet lace dress with the espadrilles and nearly flipped.  So frikkin’ cute.  Forget about Oscar, I’ll be searching high and low for a snap shirt like this (which, by the way, is now on sale…if only I was a size 2T) and I just may have to go and try on pretty much everything she designed for the girls, just to confirm that I’m not a 2T.