We were never allowed to drink soda growing up – my mom never kept it in the house and I only remember having a “pop” on the odd occasion while at Chili’s for a Sunday dinner.  In that same vein, marshmallow creme fluff was nowhere to be found at our house.  Not even close.  I guess the fresh food gene was passed along because we, too, eat very few processed foods. Oscar especially.  So I felt like I was breaking the law last night when I made whoopie pies.  I came across the recipe while flipping through the Penzey Spices catalog (which is where we get a lot of our spices) just before it went in the recycling bin.  As scared as I am of ingredients like xanthan gum, the marshmallow fluff ingredient list wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and these whoopie pies were well worth it – super easy to make and ridiculously good!  Looks like Oscar may enjoy his first whoopie pie long before I ever thought he would. Naughty mommy.