I’m always up for a good DIY project, be it home, fashion or beauty, but have come to realize that some things are better left for the pros.  Top on the left-for-the-pros list is eyebrow shaping.  While I do maintain my eyebrows in between visits, a good shape is hard to come by on your own.  The Luxe Beauty Team opened up shop at the Warren Tricomi salon in LA last week and my friend, who does their PR, hooked me up with a brow threading.  An alternative to waxing, threading accomplishes the same thing, only without the blotchy redness after.  Just another thing to add to your list of things to do for yourself.  And for those of you out-of-town, it’s worth a visit when you’re next in LA.  Thanks, Cara.

P.S. The brow chart (via google.com) above isn’t the menu provided at the salon, but how funny would it be if it were.  I’m happy to say that my eyebrows look nothing like any of those.  Whew.

While on the subject of beauty, I recently re-discovered these make-up remover wipes.  I’m super lazy about washing my face at night, so these are my new lifesaver.