Earth Day has always been one of those days that overwhelmed me.  The idea of going green is daunting (for some reason I thought it was an all or nothing decision) but over the years, through various magazines that have helpfully devoted entire issues to the subject, I have learned that the little things have a huge impact.  And especially now that I have a child, whose world I just live in, I try to be more and more aware of things that can be done to save the planet.  We don’t drive hybrids (yet), we don’t use the energy-efficient light bulbs (I tried but just can’t bare the halogen light on my up-at-6am-face all day, everyday, if I’m to be totally honest), and we don’t compost.  But we do recycle, we do switch off the lights when leaving a room, we do turn off the water instead of letting it run for minutes at a time (which I was a huge offender of until recently) and we don’t get printed receipts at the ATM machine or gas station.  There are more and more things that can be done to reuse and recycle – two aspects of the eco movement that I can totally wrap my head around and be a part of.  I lend and borrow baby toys and clothes, diligently separate what can be recycled and just added a pair of TOMS shoes to my want list – both for me and for Oscar (no way I’d ever get Jed to wear them).  TOMS encouraged people to go barefoot not too long ago, in an effort to make us all realize what life is like without shoes.  I only obliged while inside that day, but sort of wish that it was today because my feet could seriously use a day off since I got all dolled up last night and wore sky-high heels for a few hours while out with friends (at a green event co-hosted by Erica Domesek and Dasani at Satine).  In all seriousness, these shoes really have an amazing mission statement.  You buy a pair, and a child in need gets a pair – one for one.  Talk about the ultimate way to reuse – I always say that I’d love to put all of our old things on a UPS truck to the other parts of this world that are in dire need.  Now TOMS will do it for me.  So cool.