Ice cream sandwiches have been a staple at our BBQs for the past few years. Everybody loves them and they’re super easy.  I make cookies (used to make from scratch, pre-baby), let them cool (usually overnight), add a scoop of ice cream the next morning, re-freeze and voila.  These days (in an effort to save time and all), I use frozen cookie dough (Trader Joe’s has the best, and of course you can’t go wrong with Nestle either – especially if you’re feeding a crowd and can pick up a tub of Nestle cookie dough at Costco).  We had friends over for dinner this past weekend and I made sandwiches with chocolate chip cookies and vanilla frozen yogurt (you know, a low-fat version).  Instant crowd pleaser. Coincidentally, one of the blogs that I check out daily recently had a post on an ice cream sandwich truck  – must be because summer is almost here. Jump on the bandwagon, you won’t be sorry.  Neither will your dinner guests.