Because last night felt like summer in LA, I was craving a light, delicious, healthy dinner.  We started the morning (before Oscar’s first nap) at the local Silverlake farmers market (Oscar rode in his favorite car) where we picked up Persian cucumbers, tomatoes, fingerling potatoes, squash and strawberries (a trip to any farmers market just isn’t complete without buying strawberries, as mentioned here). Based on our purchases, a Mediterranean salad became obvious.  So did roasted potatoes.  We decided fish and cold beer was all we needed to complete the meal.

Later, we found ourselves in Glendale.  Deep in Glendale.  North of the 134 (which I have only ever been on to get to the Rose Bowl flea market), Glendale. Leave it to my husband to take us out of the way to an amazing fish market that gets fresh fish delivered multiple times a day.  We went with halibut and hurried home to start cooking.  Jed made an amazing Asian-style marinade with low sodium soy sauce, fresh ginger, scallions, black sesame seeds and sesame oil while I diligently chopped the cucumbers and tomatoes (which I love to do) and roasted the potatoes.  We took two small beer glasses out of the freezer, poured some ice-cold Asahi (as well as some unfiltered sake) and dinner was served. It truly felt like a Saturday night in the summertime.  While the different elements of the dinner technically clashed, it was perfect.  Some of the best meals are made up of a motley crew of delicious dishes, kind of like with fashion – some of the best outfits being the most unexpected mix of pieces from different genres.  Exactly how I dress, and I guess just like how I like to cook.