I’ve always felt weird about wearing hats.  Baseball hats are a bit too sporty for me and fedoras have always felt like I’m trying too hard.  But straw fedoras are a whole different story.  I have this great straw fedora that I got a few years ago at H&M which I wear when I know I’ll be outside for long periods of time.  It works, but I’m always on the lookout for other cool hats – preferably ones that don’t make me feel like I should be at a Dodger game or trying out for a hip hop video. Eugenia Kim, hatmaker extraordinaire, is doing a line for Target.  It hits stores April 18 and I can’t wait.  To further the cool factor that Target has created with all of these designer showcases, Cynthia Vincent is doing a shoe line for the mass chain.  I’m picky about the quality of my shoes, but I love Cynthia Vincent and very much look forward to seeing what she’s done.  It works out well that I happen to frequent Target a few times a month these days for Oscar’s needs.

Literally marked my calendar to go and check out this straw fedora that Eugenia Kim did for Target.

p.s. Although there were no hats in the prom fashion show that I went to Chicago for, it was a success!  I hope to have a few pictures to post, hopefully just in time for the big dance.