The first thing my 11 year old niece asked me last night when I talked to her was what green item I’d be wearing today.  First I had to ask her when St. Patty’s Day actually was and then started to scramble while thinking about what I could grab from my closet.  I love the color green, but actually don’t have much.  Thankfully, my nails are painted in Minty so I’ll avoid getting pinched.  Oscar will be sporting his emerald green Splendid t-shirt that I picked up at the Splendid sample sale a few months ago so we seem to have St. Patty’s Day covered.  Phew. I was also able to find a few pieces that I would buy at Urban Outfitters, if forced to add green to my wardrobe, that is.

I love this tank – perfect with jeans, cut-offs or leggings.

Because I’m loving florals these days, I couldn’t help but notice this great skirt.  Not at all suitable for my current lifestyle, but perfect for a night out or summer day.  Pair with a white t-shirt or tank and you’ve got the floral trend covered.

Army green does in fact count as green in my book.  I wear my army green jacket, much like this one, all the time (and would happily add one more to my wardrobe).  Although I typically wear pants with mine, unlike this girl.  To each her own.

I will add that there is not one green item in my suitcase that is packed and ready for my Teen Vogue styling job in Chicago.  I leave tomorrow morning and come back late Saturday.  It’s my first time away from Oscar but I am really looking forward to a few days back in the game.  I’ll let you know how it all went next week.