While there were many reasons to celebrate at this year’s Oscars (Kathryn Bigelow!), one that tops the list for me was the roll-out of red carpet glamour.  I couldn’t help but want to be a part of it all as I sat, in my sweats, on the couch and lapped up the dresses, accessories, hair and make-up.  I thought more people looked good than bad this year, but of course there were a few who stood out.

Soft, feminine and just plain gorgeous.

She took a risk with the print, but it totally worked and the bright pop of color on her lips was the perfect touch.

Diane Kruger tops my best-dressed list Every. Single. Time.

And the wardrobe change for the parties – amazing. A bit different from the wardrobe changes that go on throughout the day at our house, but amazing nonetheless.

Loved the dress even though I was wishing she would stand up straight!

A true movie star.  Perfection.