It was exactly this time last year that we were seriously stressing that Oscar would be born on Oscar Sunday and we’d have to convince everyone that he actually wasn’t named after The Oscars, but rather that we just loved the name and had decided on it months prior.  So glad that everything worked out in our favor. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching The Oscars and look forward to them every year.  And while we’re scrambling to see at least a few of the nominated films, the real reason I love them so much is obvious – the looks.  There were a couple of stunners on last year’s red carpet (see below for a few of my faves), but overall it was a bit disappointing.  I’m hoping this year will be much better.

Simple, elegant and absolutely gorgeous.  And those earrings!

There was something so architectural about this Versace gown, I loved it.

Didn’t love the dress, but the addition of this vintage belt was a gorgeous touch.