Oscar’s first birthday party was yesterday.   The preparation included making massive amounts of homemade mac and cheese (thank you, Granny), two trips to In-n-Out Burger to solidify a bulk order in advance and stuffing two cars so full with balloons it was basically like driving blindfolded because we couldn’t see out of any of the windows.

We had a three tiered cupcake tree with five dozen cupcakes (thank you, Grandma), and I hung huge hand cut letters spelling “OSCAR” in the kitchen as a backdrop against where he ate his first cake.

Oscar’s music teacher, accompanied by a carload of props (tambourines, maracas, puppets, balls, a parachute, bubbles, etc.), two assistants and her microphone and guitar, provided entertainment for the kids, who ranged from 6 months to 6 years.

I wish we had more pictures, but with everything going on, we essentially forgot to take pictures of anything other than Oscar and some balloons (pictures of party favors were taken in advance when I had my wits about me).  Not to mention, there wasn’t much room to move with everyone inside our place due to the rain.  Hopefully some pics with a broader perspective will trickle in this week (either that or Oscar will forget to ask for pictures of his first birthday party when he’s much older to spare us having to say we forgot to really take them).

After everyone left and we’d cleaned up and stacked the (amazing) gifts in the corner, some post-party blues set in.  Oscar of course, was non the wiser, and still more interested in grabbing balloons than playing with a new tractor or a block set.  I guess these parties really are for the parents.

Nothing screams party like helium balloons.

I made personalized sippy cups for all of his friends as favors (Oscar drinks from his Rubbermaid sippy cup all day long).

I got paint pens at an art store (old school, I know) and wrote each kid’s name on a cup.

Turns out I have a talent in free-style paint pen writing.  Each one went in a cellophane bag tied with yellow ribbon.

We have another 236 pictures just like this one.