Oscar is one today.  I feel like the entire day has been a bit of an out of body experience because it’s so hard to believe he’s a year old. We’d never been to the zoo and I decided today was the day to go since I’ve basically been dying to take him since we brought him home from the hospital.  I’m sure he enjoyed it, but it may have been a tad early for him to really get it.  I, on the other hand, had a ball.  My good friend Amie, and her baby Jack, came with us and I loved every minute of it.  It’s enormous, spotless and chock-full of inspiration.

Flamingos are my favorite and happen to be the color of the nail polish I wish I picked up this past weekend.

This coral is the perfect summer shade.

The zebras are so cool to look at – and happen to be the perfect print for an accent piece of furniture.

I love pretty much everything about this room.  Zebra ottomans included.

Giraffes are amazing to watch.  Especially when they come right up to you.

I love the interpretation of the giraffe print on our couch throw pillows.

The plants at the zoo are lush and plentiful.

A lot of them look just like this one that I recently planted.

The Cherry Blossoms are gorgeous.  Plenty of inspiration to come from these!

My biggest inspiration of all.  Happy Birthday big boy!