I always challenge myself to keep flowers alive for as long as I possibly can. Initially, I leave them as is in a tall vase.  Then, a day or two later, I add the flower food that comes with them, after I cut the bottoms of each rose at an angle (I once heard that if you snip them at an angle, you allow for more water to be absorbed).  A few days after that, I cut them down to make a bouquet. And really, they then become the gift that keeps on giving.

1.  Cover the table with yesterday’s paper and choose a vase – this one is a sugar bowl that we got in Mexico.

2.  Cut down one rose to use as a guide for cutting remaining roses and make sure it is the right height in vase.

3.  Cut down the rest of the roses.

4.  Put roses in the vase in a grid; like 12, 3, 6 & 9 on a clock

5.  Fill in remaining roses.  Just the right size for next to my bed.