I just put you down for a nap and nothing gives me greater joy than to know that your belly is full and you are safe in your crib to sleep off the last few hours of riding around in your new car (over and over again down the driveway). You tried salmon for the first time today (alongside edamame, taken out of their casing and cut in half – one of the more high maintenance things you now enjoy eating) followed by two cuties (mommy’s favorite) and an adult-size handful of blueberries.  Your daddy and I think you are going through a growth spurt.  That, or you’re just a piggy. Either way, you are pure heaven.  I have never been so thankful and so content as I am since becoming your mom.  Sweet dreams, Bubba.

p.s. My inspiration for writing a note to Oscar came from a couple of great new blogs I like, one called The Baby Junebug and another, The Lil Bee.  Such a sweet idea.