I’ve never loved the mirror above our mantel (it’s flea market in origin and a space filler until I can find what I really want at a decent price point) next to the sea urchin that I spray painted gold – that, on the other hand, I do love.

Friday night I was snoozing through the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, looking at the February/March 2010 issue of Lonnymag, when I arrived at the feature story and saw the mirror that I have been coveting for some time now.  Super. Exciting.

One of the best parts about Lonnymag is that you can click on just about everything you see and link right to the source (seriously so great) and so I clicked on the mirror to see the details.

I could NOT believe that the price was $59.99 and immediately began to hope that Jed had not come through at all for Valentine’s Day (normally unacceptable, but at this point, an opportunity).

I kept checking and rechecking the mirror on the site, expecting to see “Unavailable”, “Out of Stock” or, “Just Kidding” by the price, but it was there, and only one click away.

I probably looked at it 15 times over the next hour (not sure why I hesitated to order and just kept looking at it – stunned, I guess).   I realized I would have to move the sea urchin,  as much as I love it,  to make room for this new score.  I was wondering where I was now going to place the sea urchin, until I looked back at the mirror and noticed that the only size available was small.  Typo?  Apparently not.  And it was not just small, it was 10” small – that just won’t cut it.  Clearly the mirror in the Lonnymag picture is a size Large.

Here I was, all ready to by-pass the thoughtful Valentine’s Day present my husband had in mind for the mirror only to find it’s not available in the size I want.  Lame.  Ugh, so lame.

Let me know if any of you come across the mirror below in the sale corner of your local Restoration Hardware.  Please.  Hopefully I’ll stop sulking by tomorrow.

p.s.  Jed said he isn’t telling me what he was going to get me for Valentine’s Day and that I can look for another mirror.  I did get a dozen roses (super sweet), but that whole “I’m not going to tell you what I was going to get you” thing sounds fishy to me.