There are the rare days when I literally don’t leave the house, other than maybe a walk outside (mainly due to unfortunate circumstances like the stomach bug that we have all had the past few days – which sucks, btw).  It’s during these days that I find myself daydreaming of things to create, outfits to wear, projects to do (Oscar is still a bit too young for art projects and will most likely put every thing in his mouth), meals to make, cupcakes to bake – you get the idea.  Today I came across a blog that has forever changed my life.  It’s called p.s. I made this, created by Erica Domesek.  I’m in love.  Below is just one of the many ultra cool things that she whipped up – her motto being “I see it, I like it, I make it”.  Couldn’t have said it better myself.  Can’t wait to get some trimmings and follow her lead.  I’m literally blushing.

I may just have to make these for Oscar’s room (maybe in black, it’s more masculine).  They can play off of the rocker in his room that I fashioned from an old, rotten chair, that I found sagging on the curb down the street from our place.  I got Jed to begrudgingly carry it home by explaining how much cheaper it would be (than buying new) to have it re-stuffed, re-covered, tufted and studded with a matching ottoman that a friend was about to throw out.  Plus, I love a good project.

This was all done while I was pregnant, and I wish I had a “before” picture to share because it would give you that much more perspective about the “after”, but back in the third trimester I wasn’t exactly thinking about starting a blog.

The chair looks pretty sweet topped with the Missoni Home pillows that I got for 70% off at Calypso Home (thanks to my chic friend, Amie for noticing them).  The side table is from Ikea, the lamp is from the Rose Bowl Flea Market, the lamp shade is from Bamboo Colony (no longer open), the Picasso print is from the flea market and the cow hide ride is from Ikea.  Kind of wish his room was ours.