I love pretty much everything Kelly Wearstler does and am often inspired by her work.  I’ve been looking through her latest coffee table book, Hue (which seems to be a bit of a blogging sensation these days but I’m ok to jump on that bandwagon because it is that good), and loving every minute of it.  While crediting designers like David Hicks as inspiration, she is a risk taker and says that she always makes a room her own by giving it an unconventional spin  – both qualities that I admire and try to emulate.  The way she mixes patterns is incredible and her combinations of colors like pyrite, alabaster and onyx (many of which I had to google!) are just amazing. Not to mention that the book makes for a perfect addition to the coffee table collection I’ve started (which aren’t on the actual coffee table these days because Oscar is getting ready to pull himself up any minute).