My husband is really good about bringing me flowers (it took a little bit of coaching).  And orchids, too. He works downtown so he has close proximity to the flower mart (Wall Street between 6th and 7th) where retailers go at the crack of dawn to pick up what they sell in their shops for five times the price.  I had never been down there myself until recently and it was well worth the trip just to see the vastness of it all.  It’s so easy to make them look like they came from a boutique floral shop…just find a pot that you like and that will fit the base of the orchid, cut down the plastic container it comes in so that it can’t be seen and use dried moss that you buy at Home Depot for under $5 and cover the top.  Voila.  Come to think of it, I really have always wanted to be a florist.

the sea of orchids at Orchid Nation (our preferred orchid vendor).