The transition from two naps to one is not easy.  Our days are presently consumed with Oscar’s potential nap time and getting out of the house isn’t really happening right now, at least not until he wakes up from the one nap he does take.  I like a routine so we’ve started to walk around the Silverlake Reservoir every morning after breakfast.  Although it doesn’t lend itself to cool outfits (the standard has become a pair of American Apparel leggings, Hanes v-neck t-shirt and hoodie), sunglasses are a must.  I have collected quite a few pairs over the course of the last 10 years but seem to always go back to Ray-Bans.  Could be because my ears are lopsided (Oscar’s, too) so Ray-Bans happen to work well on me (they are easy to adjust), or because they really are the best.  Classic and timeless.  And right around $100 so I don’t panic every time they end up in Oscar’s mouth.  I keep hearing that the nap transition takes a few weeks.  T minus 12 days to go.