I love big house plants.  They add a lot to a room and have been proven to purify the air.  I started with a Majesty Palm and basically killed it within a few months because it wasn’t getting enough sunlight (and looking back, probably not nearly enough water either).  So when I went to Home Depot to get a new baby gate, I stopped by the garden department in search of a new house plant that would actually work in our home.  After talking with the guy for as long as Oscar would let me, I ended up with a Banana Leaf plant.  Apparently it only needs moderate sunlight (way less pressure than direct sunlight) and to be watered every two days.  And I happen to love the way they look. He also suggested that I re-pot the plant which made me immediately think to spray paint a terra cotta pot we had.  Shiny black, of course.  I’m feeling pretty good about my new found green thumb. (check back with me in a few months to confirm).

We had an extra pot like this one that I spray painted with a matching saucer.

Easy. And looks just like the pre-painted pots that are three times the price.

Make sure that the pot has a drainage hole in the center of the bottom so the water can drain properly (all Home Depot garden speak).

Put a small pile of rocks on, and around, the hole so the dirt does not get clogged (more Home Depot garden speak).

Get a bag of soil. I use organic soil which has no chemicals. Not that I am going to let Oscar eat it or anything, but just in case.

Cut the plant out of the plastic container it comes in. I used my trusty gardening scissors, but any would probably do.

Finished product. I love it and the air feels cleaner already!