My previously mentioned interior designer friend, Jenn, has quite the eye so I like to run things by her from time to time (like every time I move anything or buy anything or think of buying anything for my house) and when Oscar started crawling, we knew we had to make some adjustments to our house, stat.  First thing gone, the 1950s bar cart that I picked up for $80 at the flea market (score).  We also added a bigger, sleeker, dresser to the dining room that gives us more hidden storage space, thank you, IKEA.  So back to the bar cart…what to do with the bottles of booze?  Enter Jenn.  She took a silver tray that we had gotten as a wedding gift (not on the registry, but rather cool now that it’s in use) and suggested that the bottles go there, on top of the dresser.  Perfect.

Putting things together on one tray makes it a unit.  You know, a cohesive design element.  And it’s out of Oscar’s reach for now.  So I ran with the tray idea in a couple of other spots.