I am obsessed with window displays.  It could be because I was the Visual Merchandiser for a few Denver-based Banana Republic stores straight out of college and it also could be because a well done window takes people into a world of fantasy and dress-up. Having lived in NYC for five years (I moved there after my gig at Banana had run its course and I got a sweet job at Glamour Magazine), it comes as no surprise to me that Bloomingdale’s came up with their Big Window Challenge (I used to make a point of taking the subway if I was heading uptown so that I could exit 59th Street and take a look at their latest window creations).

Which is your fave?  You can read more about them and vote online.

Mine is this one, by Eddie Ross for ELLE DECOR.  It’s called The Modern Woman and is designed for a media mogul and mother of two.  Inspiration to me on more than one level!

kind of want to live here. even though nothing about this is baby friendly.