Bibs are very much a part of my life.  Oscar’s life, I should say.  And as I posted yesterday, I was going through all of my old magazines and came across a page on making a bib necklace in one of the lifestyle mags.  You know, like the ones that are sold for hundreds of dollars (and now knocked off in a bad way).  So when I went to the flea market on Sunday, a rhinestone necklace was hot on my brain.  I found the perfect one (for $25) and set off downtown.  My mom is in town and I was willing to brave the terrible parking and crazy crowds in the Fashion District since I had her with me to look after Oscar.  I ran into a fabric store, picked up 1/3 of a yard of plain bengaline fabric, and headed back to the ‘notions’ department (I just love using the word notions) for a bottle of Gem-Tac (glue used to adhere rhinestones to fabric).  $15 later, I was on my way.

step one: glue the necklace onto the fabric, extending the fabric at least a foot beyond each end for the bow. Being Type A, I obsessed about the white glue. Good to now know that it becomes clear when dried.

step two: cut around the necklace, leaving a 1/4 of an inch on all sides, pair with a t-shirt and shrunken blazer (this one is Zara) and enjoy your meal, I mean night!