Ok, so probably one of my top three past times is reading magazines.  For hours.  I love it. Love it. Love it.  And would actually like to somehow turn it into a fantasy football league kind of thing, but for reading magazines.  Anyway, I am always inspired by certain things I see on the pages, whether it’s a shirt I want (and either find vintage or new), a nail polish color (that I love but will never actually use because I am such a creature of habit), a new shampoo or home décor (still mourning the end of Domino magazine).  And for as much as I hate clutter, magazines are one of the few things that I keep.  Until I had a baby and just wanted to make more room.  So I now have this pile that I am furiously going through and tearing out of to start a new binder.  It’ll be my bible, so to speak.  Ok, and I confess, I just can’t part with my Domino collection, so those will be stored with the clothes that Oscar has grown out of.

If you look closely, you may see teeth marks on some of the magazines.  Oscar just cut his sixth tooth.